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Those who want to build and deepen their Brown Eyes Blue Eyes expertise after training to be an assistant are eligible for the trainers’ training course.
The trainers’ training course is set up to accommodate a maximum of 10 participants and divided into three modules of 4, 2 and 2 days. In the meantime, participants are expected to oversee their own courses, under the supervision of one of the trainers.

The trainers’ training course is designed as a process of own experience and personal education. Within thematically designed modules, we constantly respond and reflect on what happens during the process. Participants are continually confronted with the motives, arguments, pitfalls and qualities/competences of themselves and other candidates.

Module 1

4 days – 8 parts of day

  • Introduction to coherence and content of individual sub-aspects.
  • Review of the impact of own actions and connecting those to the daily practice of discrimination.
  • Active and reflective focus on the role of both participant and trainer.
  • Strengthening test security.
  • Development of knowledge and understanding towards process and contents.

Module 2

2 days – 4 parts of day

  • Strengthening certainty in individual parts of the workshop by repeated exercise.
  • Confrontations with usual and common reactions and behaviours of participants.
  • Example-based instructions regarding responses that are valuable and useful for review and reflection after a training course.

Module 3

2 days – 4 parts of day

During the third module, we mainly focus on deepening our perspective towards the theory necessary for leading a meaningful and effective workshop.

  • Introduction to the social-psychological perspective, forming theory of group dynamics and shining a light on views on people and human rights.
  • Extending research towards your individual role and responsibilities in the context of the workshop. Participants will be challenged to convey the concept of the workshop, the didactics and the theory behind it by using the context of their professional experience

Throughout the duration of the training course, participants will receive preparational and in-depth assignments. The amount of time invested is equal to the length/duration of the separate modules.
Subsequent to your training, Şeydâ offers two webinars (approximately 1 hr). In these webinars, your experiences from your training are the main focus and there is room for a personal exchange. Furthermore, every participant is entitled to 90 minutes of individual coaching.

Only after completing the entire training course, you are authorized to work with the Brown Eyes Blue Eyes concept. In order to guarantee quality of the training courses and to protect the concept, a guarantee to authorisation beforehand is not possible.

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