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Within groups of people, even the smallest differences in perspective can unexpectedly become sky-high obstacles. Distinctions in the workplace can, unnecessarily, frustrate or stagnate possibilities and expectations. Someone who does not feel “seen” or appreciated might leave some of their talents unused. In the workshop for teams, participants develop a sharper eye for diversity and how to deal with it. Instead of ignoring down-playing differences, they are addressed and discussed within the teams. Employees of businesses and foundations that are stuck when it comes to diversity will certainly benefit from the training course. However, the workshop for teams is also highly beneficial to groups who want to extend and deepen their understanding and want to take it to the next level.

During the first part of the day, participants will experience how members of the team function whilst completing the tasks. Based on minor signals (“You just lowered your eyes”, “You started sighing just then”) they become more aware of their actions and what they mean.
During the second part of the day, participants will revisit the questions that were posed during the first part of the day. From the newly-gotten awareness, they will be able to recognize sub-groups within their group. Additionally, they will find opportunity to adjust their behaviour and to better estimate the impact of their actions.

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