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Staying yourself and still grow your career


The number of women at the top of Dutch businesses has increased slightly over the last years. Still, only one in five top positions in the top 500 of largest corporations is held by a woman. Why do some women successfully achieve their career goals and do others fail to break through the glass ceiling?
A lot of courses for top women consider “male behaviour” to be the standard. At the same time, recent studies show that women in top positions do not adhere to the dominant behaviours of their male counterparts. The fact that women often proof to be better listeners, bridge builders and are more patient than man, seems to confirm that female leadership does exist. The focus of Şeydâ’s course for top women is: How can women stay true to themselves without risking their career? Besides, many male leaders can also learn from the stereotypical balancing art and negotiation techniques typified as “female”.

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