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Şeydâ Buurman-Kutsal and her German colleague Jürgen Schlicher are in a unique position. Worldwide, they are the only ones authorized by developer and innovator Jane Elliott to educate assistants and trainers for the Brown Eyes Blue Eyes courses.

Because the Brown Eyes Blue Eyes courses must always be led by a recognized trainer and a minimum of two assistants, there is a constant demand for more assistants. These assistants receive on-the-job- training. Conditions for possible participation in the assistant training is experience in working with groups, affinity with the theme of racism and discrimination and the willingness to complete the training course “on the job”.

In the context of the assistant training you have:

  • – As a participant followed the workshop Brown Eyes Blue Eyes.
  • – Shadowed a recognized assistant during a training.
  • – Assisted in two training sessions with a second assistant.

During the training, you as an assistant are expected to participate in training courses from Şeydâ Buurman-Kutsal and her network partner Jürgen Schlicher from Diversity Works.
You will have to write a motivation letter before participating in the training program. During your “internship” as an assistant, you submit an experience reflection to the trainer. After a final interview, you can then be appointed as an assistant. If you are not accepted as an assistant, we will discuss other options for working with the concept.

Follow-up process

An appointment to the role of assistant is a prerequisite to participation in the training course for trainers. After working a course as an assistant, you will be eligible to continue your education with the trainers’ training course.

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