Diversity is a fact. Make use of variation.

Young and old, man and woman, religious and faithless, black and white, well and poorly educated, native and newcomer. These are just a few of the differences we run into daily. In our society, the city or village we live in or in the workplace. Poorly nuanced imaging often stands in the way of well-balanced relationships. Which is odd, because no two hairs or grains of wheat are ever the same. Diversity is a fact, a given, it is universal. Use it as an asset to deal with variety and complexity.

From the dictionary

The dictionary divides the term diversity into two parts. In the broad sense (variety, variation) and the more specific definition (the phenomenon that there are people with different ethnic or cultural backgrounds). When we choose to use the more down-to-earth and less charged definition “variety” as a guideline, we can save ourselves the troubles of misunderstanding and, in fact, gain clarity. Şeydâ’s diversity training programs, workshops for teams, Betzavta and her work as chairman of the day, will help you choose an effective direction towards dealing with diversity.

Diversity – Training

Şeydâ’s diversity training courses support you to develop, recognise and use your intercultural competences. Depending on your experience and needs you can choose to participate in an inspiration session, a masterclass, a training course fitted to your needs or a teachers’ training.

Diversity training
Recognize, develop and use intercultural competencies.
Workshop for teams
Develop a beter vision on diversity within our team.
Learn to analyze external conflicts to define them as internal dilemmas.
Chairman of the day
Thinking along with you, guiding and presenting diversity issues.