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Filmseminar A


Many trainers, coaches and teachers use a variety of films surrounding Jane Elliot’s workshop-concept Brown Eyes Blue Eyes. Because the subject remains so current and topical, and the interest remains large, Şeydâ has developed a film seminar/training. The film seminar is intended for professionals with an interest towards the Great Racism Experiment and/or the film “Black and Blue”. If you are planning to show the films to groups of people and are you interested to find out how to maximize the experience for all those who partake? Using background information and methodical tools, Şeydâ provides the films with an extra layer of in-depth knowledge and immersion. In doing so, she provides an opportunity to test the films, the workshop concept and the background information in a specific practical situation. Afterward, participants will have:

  • Thorough background knowledge to lead a follow-up discussion.
  • The tools to guide their participants when they reflect on their experiences.
  • Gained knowledge to use the films as a tool in diversity training.
  • Sufficient knowledge to learn to recognise the mechanisms not immediately visible when watching the films.
  • An insight into the background of the participants in the films, the crew behind the camera an into what happened afterwards.

There is plenty of room to mirror your experiences and to exchange ideas in a methodical way. The program will be held multi-lingual (Dutch/English). After the 2-day seminar, participants receive a proof of participation and a reader. The reader is a very suitable guideline to using the films in your own work situation.

Filmseminar B


The program for film seminar b is similar to the program of film seminar a. The difference lies in the aftercare. Film seminar b offers an additional 2 online coaching sessions as well as an extra intervision meeting.

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