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Modern day diversity

Diversity. It is one of the key words used to describe the dynamics in our society and to bridge gaps in the workplace. Government, businesses and educational institutions are well aware that variation and distinction deserve their attention. At the same time, diversity is such a broad umbrella term that its essence is easily overlooked. Far too often, we make do with oversimplifications regarding ethnic, religious or social background and by doing so we jump to conclusions about level of education, sexual preferences or political colours.

Diversity is present. Always and everywhere. It is a fact of all times. Therefore, we need to learn to deal with it. Inclusion of diversity is a necessity.

Ervaring door vele trainingen in binnen- en buitenland
Hundreds of trainings and workshops at home and abroad.
Kennis over diversiteit en een breed aanbod
Broad knowledge about diversity and a wide range to quickly find a solution.
Kwaliteit dmv evaluaties en feedback
Extensive evaluations and feedback after sessions, training and workshops.
Walk the walk - leren door ervaring
Walk the walk
Learn by seeing and feeling. Experience!

I am

Şeydâ Buurman - Kutsal

As a trainer, supervisor, coach and consultant I am specialized in diversity issues. With a wide and varied range of programs on offer, I let you share in my professional experience, based on more than 900 training sessions and countless presentations. As a registered member of the LVSC, the National Association for supervisors and coaches, I am bound by the corresponding professional code and conditions.

Broad range of programs and courses

Are you interested in a Brown Eyes Blue Eyes workshop for your team or department? Are you curious to find out how a Betzavta training, a coaching or supervision course can teach you to deal with resistance and change processes? Şeydâ’s programs and courses stimulates participants to examine their own behaviour and views in an interactive and solution-oriented manner. Extensive reflection and feedback equip participants to find points of improvement and make progress effectively.

Brown Eyes Blue Eyes
An experiential approach in which participants feel, act and experience. Reflect on your own behavior and look for suitable diversity glasses together.
Non-nuanced imaging often stands in the way of a balanced relationship. Use diversity as an asset to deal with diversity.
Every step on the professional ladder provides new challenges and trials. An approach to leadership based on the diversity theme.
Dealing with resistance
Recognize resistance and the effects of rigidity. Catch up stuck thinking patterns and stereotyped beliefs in a relaxed way.
Make a combination from the broad program of workshops, training, coaching and supervision meetings. Choose a customized route.
Read more about diversity topics in the news. View the agenda with events or find a link to organizations that are active in this area.


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